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Zhongshan Pulido Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd (Chinese name is 中山普利多智能科技有限公司) located in Zhongshan city, has been focusing on developing, producing and selling smart locks and digital locks since from 2012. Our brand name is Pulido, 普利多 is the brand name in Chinese. We are the top manufacturer of smart locks based on Tuya platform, mothly output is 60,000pcs and annual output is over 700,000pcs. We are committed to providing each customer with "safe,fast and durable"smart locks to help our OEM & ODM partners to grow their business of smart locks.

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For OEM & ODM partners, you can customize your logo on products and package for all smart locks and digital locks as per your request.

If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us for requesting quotation for products under your own brand by one of following five ways as per your favor:

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