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Pulido Smartlock

P14 Smart Lever Lock 5 Unlocking Ways

P14 Smart Lever Lock 5 Unlocking Ways

  • Advanced 5-in-1 Entry Tuya Smart lever Lock is available for multiple ways to unlock, including fingerprints, passcodes, cards, Tuya App, and Keys.  
  • Multiple choices of lock bodies are available for different markets, including single latches with different lengths and different mortise lock bodies.
  • The arc-shaped surface of the front panel by IMD Film Overlay Technology makes the front panel stronger and more durable and makes the surface coating fit the body better to prevent dust. It doesn't expand and contract with heat and it's anti-fingerprint. 
  • No holes needed to be dug. With the design of a removable connecting pipe, You can easily adjust the position of the connecting pipe to fix the front and back panel. 
  • Works with Tuya Smart, Smart Life, or any OEM APP based on Tuya.
  • Tuya WiFi, Tuya Bluetooth, TTlock Bluetooth, or just a digital version without any App are all available for this smart lock.
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Specification of P12TY Smart Lock


Product Information
Product Type Smart Lever Lock (Tuya App)
Product Model P12TY
Product Color Black (Optional Color Silver)
Main Material of Handle Aluminium Alloy
Size of Handel 248mm*56mm
Suitable door thickness 35 to 65mm
Suitable type of door Wooden door
Type of Lock Body Single latch, Various Mortise Lock Body
Suitable for left hand door and right hand door
Where to install? Entrance doors and Interior doors like doors for room, apartment,hotel, office, schoole, warehouse, etc
Unlock and Lock Ways
Fingerprint Unlock
Code Unlock
Card Unlock
APP Unlock ×
Voice Control ×
Key Unlock
Remote Unlock
(Remotely unlock when visitor press 3# on Keypad to request unlocking. No need gateway)
Free Passage Mode
Smart Function
Remote management
Access for family members
Offline Temporary Password
(Wherever you are, you can generate one-time temporary password  or temporary password limited by date and time.)
Double lock  (Interior secure switch) ×
Activity log (Wrong passcode or fingerprint alarm,unlcok record)
Anti-peep Code
(You can enter random digits before and after your passcode. The door unlocks as long as the correct passcode is included.)
Low Battery Alert √ (Lower than 4.6±0.2V)
Voice Broadcast
Technical Data
Protocol Wi-Fi
Type of Fingerprint Module Semiconductor fingerprint module
Number of fingerprints 100
Card Type ?
Recognition time ≤0.5s
Rejection rate ≤0.01%
False acceptance rate ≤0.0001%
Number of Codes 100
Number of Cards 2pcs included. (Optional Maximum 100pcs can be added to the Smart Lock)
Length of digit for each code 6-8 digits
Number of Keys 2
Scratch-Proof keypad
Battery AAA*4 (excluded)
Battery Life 8-10 months
Emergency Power Type C
Weather-proof IP53
Working Temperature -20-65
Working Humidity 20%-93%RH

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